It seems like I’m always rummaging in my purse or pockets for change.  I have lots of it, but somehow I don’t always seem to have the right amount.  And who wants to worry about getting change for your change. 

Whether it’s fare for a local bus, making a small purchase, or tossing a few coins in a fountain, it’s always good to keep a little change handy when you travel.  It will save you from pulling out bills for small purchases, and reduces the chance of losing money or having it stolen.

All Things Marked came up with a clever way to make sure you always have the right amount of change.  Here then is the magic combination of coins:

3 quarters
1 dime
2 nickels
4 pennies

This combination of 10 coins, for a total of 99 cents, will allow you to make any change combination. 

Not convinced?  Try a few combinations.

88 cents.  Three quarters, one dime and three pennies.  31 cents.  One quarter, one nickel and a penny. 

See?  It works.