It’s about 5:30 am, Saturday morning, as I sit and write this here in Seattle, Washington.

Thanks to a handy little Google search, I know that:

  • It is 2:30 pm in Paris;
  • It is also 2:30 pm in Malta;
  • It is 1:30 pm in Iceland;
  • And it is 3:30 am in Tahiti.

What do those locations have in common?  They are all places that I’d love to visit in 2007.  While I probably won’t make it to all of them, I’m hoping to cross at least a couple off the list.

You can find out what time it is by searching in Google using these parameters:  time in ______ (fill in the location).   For example:  time in paris.

What time is it where you’d like to be right now?