France Rail Pass: The Whole France at a Stone’s Throw

In a new promotion for the France Rail Pass, Rail Europe shows travelers how they can get up close and personal with the entire country by using the rail pass to see the country. And the countryside.

Train travel is an opportunity to experience the countryside as a local – with locals usually – as you immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of the French. Do you want the high fashion and shopping of the city? A walk on the beach and a dip in the sea? Opportunities to enjoy delicious French food and wine in opulent settings or for a casual picnic? Do you prefer slow, lazy days, enjoying the sights at a snail’s pace – or are you a high energy sightseer, moving at the speed of light (or a high speed train)?

A France Rail pass gives you travel in first of second  class for lengths of travel up to 9 days with a one-month period. You can make the days consecutive or non-consecutive, allowing you to plan out how you see the country. The pass is also valid on the RER Line B between CDG (Charles de Gaulle airport) to Nord Station in Paris.

As with all travel, terms and conditions apply. Check out your travel dates and where you want to go, to determine if the France Rail Pass offers significant savings for you.

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