Everybody wants to save a little money these days.  A few dollars here, a few dollars there, and pretty soon it is real money!

There are a variety of ways to save money when it comes to traveling.  The first thing you need to think about, though, is what you have to give up to save the money. 

If you’re not giving up anything, it’s an easy to choice.  But realistically, to save a couple bucks or two, something’s going to have to give.  Maybe it’s just a little expenditure of time; maybe it’s some unneeded luxury; maybe it’s something you don’t want in the first place.  All those are easy trade-offs to save some money.

Just be careful in a trade-off that involves something that you really want.  If you really want to stay at a hotel in a particular location, and nothing else is going to do, you will be miserable if you stay at another location just to save $10/night.  If you really want to splurge on dessert at a fabulous restaurant that you’ve been hearing about, you will feel cheated of the experience if you don’t order it.  Don’t ruin a vacation over a few dollars.

There are lots of ways to get great values without sacrificing all the little luxuries of travel.  Some I’ve discovered through work or my personal travel.  Flight attendants are always quick to share tips and information with one another.  I also get lots of information from friends, readers, other travel writers, and occasionally, just by luck.

Since this is such a hot topic for everyone, I’ll be bringing you some money saving travel tips each week.  While everyone economizeds in different ways, I hope you’ll find one or two that work for you.  With all the money you save, you’ll be able to splurge on something really spectacular!

If you have money saving travel tips of your own, be sure to drop me an email (just click on “email me” in the sidebar at the right, or leave your ideas in the comments.

Look for your first money saving travel tips later today!