When I was first hired as a Flight Attendant, our trainers preached about the virtues of duct tape. 

I was religious about packing a roll of it in my bags.  Then, one day I couldn’t find my roll at home, so I raided my travel stash.  And duct tape has never made its way back into my travel bags.  After some events on my last trip, it’s time to go buy a couple more rolls.

Here are some reasons why it might be helpful to have duct tape with you when you travel:

General uses:

  • Repair a tear in baggage
  • Shoe or clothing repairs
  • Hold a strap in place (luggage, purse, etc.)

By car:

  • Provide a temporary fix for a broken hose
  • Hold a mirror in place
  • Patch tents, netting or camping gear

In a hotel room:

  • Secure a door in the event of fire (Place duct tape around areas that could leak in smoke)
  • Hold curtains in place to block out daylight

If you have a travel use for duct tape, please add it in the comments.