Sunday Stories for February 1st, 2015 (SuperBowl Sunday)

I know that many of my friends will be watching the BIG GAME today, but there are a few things worth reading before settling in front on the television with your snacks and drinks. And it a fit of partisan cheering – GO SEAHAWKS!

red wine tasting

A glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour at the gym, says new study

One more way that red wine is good for you – it mimics a workout. Drink up and cheers!

Research conducted by the University of Alberta in Canada has found that health benefits in resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, are equivalent to those that we get from exercise.

Read original article here: A glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour at the gym, says new study

10 Easy Snacks to Serve with Red Wine (Because Watching Scandal is Stressful Enough)

Since red wine mimics a workout, I wanted to stock up on snack ideas to go with that glass. Here are some perfect pairings, although some are going to have you heading back to your workout routine.

The suspense is enough to occupy every Scandal fan until the show airs, so you probably haven’t even thought about dinner yet. As Olivia Pope would say, consider it handled. Here are 10 foolproof snacks to enjoy with your glass — or bottle — of red wine:

22 Movies Roger Ebert Really Hated

If you’re skipping the big game today (and did I mention, GO SEAHAWKS), you can always take in a movie. I don’t disagree with much on this list. Oh how I miss his reviews, he wasn’t afraid to call ’em like he saw ’em.

When Roger Ebert hated a film, he really didn’t mince words. Here are 22 films he absolutely loathed (including a couple of surprises) and his dry assessments of their value.

cat near ceiling

25 Ninja Cats Who Have Mastered The Art Of Hide And Seek

I’m hiding this story (and photos) from my two Siamese. I fear they may get a few bad ideas about hiding places. Oh wait, apparently from the photo above, they’ve already mastered some of them.

Next time your cat goes missing make sure to check all these hiding spots first.

Read original article here: 25 Ninja Cats Who Have Mastered The Art Of Hide And Seek

Exploding Kittens

This Exploding Kittens Kickstarter campaign has raised over $4.5 million to create a card game. And it’s still not closed. Heead on ove and see what all the fuss is about. No kittens were harmed in this campaign.

Exploding Kittens is a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette.  Players take turns drawing cards until someone draws an exploding kitten and loses the game.  The deck is made up of cards that let you avoid exploding by peeking at cards before you draw, forcing your opponent to draw multiple cards, or shuffling the deck.


Paris neighborhood with Notre Dame

25 Perfect Weekend Getaways in Europe (Part I)

I’ve got a few European getaways coming up this year, some returns to favorites places, others new new spots. I love reading about where people recommend escaping for a long weekend getaway.

Check out these 25 weekend getaways suggestions from experienced travel bloggers and if you still haven’t decided where to go next week, this is the inspiration you need.

Read original article here: 25 Perfect Weekend Getaways in Europe (Part I)

Bacon Festival: Cuckoo Callay, Newtown

I love a good festival. This one, paying homage to the princely bacon, seems like a great choice. And the chocolate covered bacon strips look delicious.

Sydney, get ready for some porky goodness. Cuckoo Callay is launching its Bacon Festival. No, not films such as Footloose, Wild Things or Diner starring Kevin Bacon but that tantalizing meat… mmm bacon.

Read original article here: Bacon Festival: Cuckoo Callay, Newtown

Questions to ask about volunteer vacations

How do we know if our volunteering efforts are really doing good? When it comes to questions about animal welfare, I turn to my friend Diana Edelman, an expert on elephant rescue. There are lots of greenwashing efforts going on, and she’s a great resource for cutting through the jargon to discover if you’re dealing with a legit organization.

I remember when I first booked my volunteer “vacation” to Thailand. My friends thought I was nuts. “Who takes time off of work to go and work in a foreign country?” they had all asked me when I announced I was spending one week of my 12-day holiday as a volunteer at Elephant Nature Park (ENP).

Pikmin at Nintendo World NYC

How the Password You Select Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I struggle with having to change my passwords often. Figuring out the correct length, including all the required characters and symbols, and being able to remember it, is a lot more complicated than it seems. I like this idea of how to do it.

Mauricio Estrella, a designer who emailed me from Shanghai, described how his passwords function like homemade versions of popular apps like Narrato or 1 Second Everyday, which automatically provide its user with a daily reminder to pause and reflect momentarily on personal ambitions or values.

Read original article here: How the Password You Select Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Five-year-old boy gets a bill for missing school friend’s birthday party

While no-showing an RSVP may be bad form, is it right to send an invoice. I have a feeling this situation is a lot more complicated that the story explains.

A FIVE-year-old boy has been handed an invoice – for missing his friend’s birthday party. And now his parents claim they have been threatened with the possibility of court action if they don’t stump up the cash.

Read original article here: Five-year-old boy gets a bill for missing school friend’s birthday party

The Amazing Crayola Experience Tour

I love crayons, even as an adult so I’d love this Crayola tour. (My favorite color was – and still is – Magenta.)

Crayola for me is the smell of childhood.  My neat-freak mother did not like the mess that Play Doh made and so would steer me towards the Crayola box every time I wanted to do anything artsy.

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