Sunday Stories for January 5th, 2014

Seattle on New Year's Eve

Ahhhh, 2013. . . it’s been good to know you. I spent the night in Seattle, enjoying my home town on New Year’s Eve.

Now, I’m enjoying my time at NMX in Las Vegas, but still found time to find some fun stories to share. Have a read.

Seattle on New Year's Eve


27 Things to Leave Behind in 2014

If I never hear some of these phrases again it will be too soon. I’d also add “taking your business to the next level” to the list. See if you agree. Like this one:

Liking Things Ironically. The Baby Boomers rebelled against their dorky parents. We Gen Xers, however, couldn’t rebel against our parents since rebelling against your parents had been done, so instead, we cultivated irony; it was all we could do. This subtle, handcrafted irony, however, has fallen into the hands of subsequent generations who have been misinterpreting ever since, and now we have dorky a cappella singing competitions on TV.

The Other ‘F Word’: Brewer Responds To Starbucks Over Beer Name

This isn’t so much a “stick it to the man” story as it is about saying what’s really on your mind. I’m not sure if there’s a follow up to what happened, but I got a good chuckle out of it.

In general, getting a cease-and-desist letter from a big corporation isn’t the mark of a good day. But after a brewery owner got a letter from a law firm representing Starbucks, he saw a chance to draw distinctions between the businesses — and to be funny.

See the inside of Thrihnukagigur volcano, Iceland

I missed out a look down at Mt. Etna, but maybe this would be another chance to stare down a volcano.

Thrihnukagigur is one of Iceland’s biggest volcanoes, spanning a huge 13 miles across it’s protected surrounding areas of Blajoll Country Park. It has 3 huge craters(which is where it get’s it’s name), the biggest allowing room for three full sized basketball courts to fit side by side and tall enough to squeeze in the Statue of Liberty into!

looking out the airplane window #shop

Bitcoin Moves Into Air and Space Travel

I understand Bitcoin intellectually, if not in actual practice, but I’m not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t know anyone who own Bitcoins, but would love to talk to you if you do.

With Lets Fly Cheaper, a major network of travel experts, travelers can now pay for business and first class flights with digital currency such as bitcoin.

Taxes on Holiday Air Travel

I think we know that a good chunk of our ticket price is rolled into that category of “taxes and other fees”, but this break down and explanation points out just how bad it really is. I thin?  And seriously, why aren’t fees all rolled into the base price?!

As anyone who’s ever bought an airplane ticket home for the holidays knows, taxes and fees on air travel can be substantial. We’ve written before on how much gas taxes and tolls can cost for holiday travel on roads, but taking to the skies is little better.

Read original article here: Taxes on Holiday Air Travel

Stella Artois releases Swarovski Crystal Chalice

I want these. Stella Artois is my house beer and it would look or so pretty in these sparkly beer glasses.

Swarovski and the Belgian brewery have released the ‘Crystal Chalice’, a version of the traditional Stella Artois beer glass studded with gems, to mark the holiday season. Each chalice features a platinum rim and was hand-blown in Turkey before being sent to Austria to be studded with crystals.


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