Sunday Stories for June 22nd, 2014

acropolis in athens

I had a nice overnight in Bellingham this week, followed by a quick trip to Honolulu. The two cities couldn’t be more different from one another, yet I enjoyed my time in both, for different reasons. Do you have a city that you visit frequently that seems to offer something new every time you visit? That’s the case for me, whether it’s somewhere tropical like Honolulu or closer to home like Bellingham.

Monday morning I’m off to Cancun for a TBEX North America site visit. I haven’t visited this part of Mexico for several years, so I’m excited to see what’s new and happening on the Riviera Maya. Our schedule will be pretty full of business appointments and touring sites, but I’ll be sharing photos on Instagram and Facebook, so feel free to follow along if you’re interested in that part of the world.

On to this week’s recommended reading.

acropolis in athens

5 Things to Do in Athens When You’re Not in TBEX Sessions

I was able to spend a little time with the author of this post, Cacinda Maloney, while we were both in Athens, but I didn’t get to enjoy the sights as much as she did. You can bet these items are on my to-do list for my return visit in October.

A few travel bloggers were sent to Athens, along with the TBEX team doing a site visit, to attend Travel Trade Athens 2014. We attended a press conference, met some of the Athens travel and tourism representives, and saw a few of the city’s notable sights. Athens attracts 3 million visitors a year, so there’s plenty to see. Here are five suggestions of things to do when you’re not in TBEX sessions.

Site of ‘Deep Throat’ meetings to be torn down

Baby Boomers will likely remember this story playing out on nightly television, while others will have learned about it from the movie All the President’s Men or history books. That famous parking garage is set to be demolished.

The famous parking garage where Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward met his secret Watergate source, “Deep Throat,” 40 years ago will be demolished to make way for residential and commercial building.

You Suck At PowerPoint!

If you’ve got a presentation looming, you need to read this! With just a few simple tips, these slides will help you turn boring into powerful and help get you booked for return speaking engagements.

Read original article here: You Suck At PowerPoint!

red tiled roofs of Dubrovnik

Red tiled roofs of Dubrovnik

50 Travel Destinations That Will Be Huge In The Next 10 Years

I’ve been to four of these destinations:  Thailand, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, and Panama. As the article points out, some of these destinations are ready for tourism, and others are not quite there. Still, it’s a interesting read with plenty of room for debate.

Although some of these destinations don’t necessarily have the infrastructure ready yet to support tourism, they are building up hotels, restaurants, and shops that cater to foreign visitors and promoting themselves as top tourist destinations.

Read original article here: 50 Travel Destinations That Will Be Huge In The Next 10 Years

Delhi Spice Market

Exploring the exotic food and flavor of India, this photo essay made me almost feel like I was there.

The market is basically a square road around a main block. On the sides there are small stands and warehouses where spices are kept before being carried away by strong men with heavy sacks over their heads. If they needed to carry several at a time, those would be piled over a cart and pulled by the same strong men to the main road.


Mary Jo Manzanares is a traveler, travel blogger, and podcaster. In addition to her blog, Traveling with MJ, she hosts the Where Else to Go podcast, and is the founder and the editor-in-chief of The Traveler’s Way, an online travel magazine. Her travel ethos is value luxury - luxury for real people - and her goal is to help travelers know when to splurge and when to save. Mary Jo has been a speaker at various industry events around the world. When she’s not traveling, Mary Jo likes lingering over a cup of coffee, wandering in a museum, sipping wine at a cafe, and sharing it all with friends and readers. Her most recent travels were to Stockholm, a Baltic cruise, and Universal Orlando Resort.

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