Sunday Stories for March 16th, 2014

red tiled roofs of Dubrovnikred tiled roofs of Dubrovnikred tiled roofs of Dubrovnikred tiled roofs of Dubrovnik

There’s no doubt that the discussion topic of the week within my circles has been the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Every take off, every landing, and even at cruise, my mind couldn’t help drifting to what happened to that 777. I hate getting caught up in all the speculation, but it is hard not to, and every day seems to have odd bits and bites of information. I think we’re all hoping for something concrete really darned soon.

Here’s some more stories that captured my attention this week. I encourage you to click through to read the original article and leave a comment. And leave one here on this post too, letting me know if you enoyed a particular story.

red tiled roofs of Dubrovnik

Red tiled roofs of Dubrovnik

Things to do in Dubrovnik beyond the city walls

My family roots can be found in Dubrovnik, with the family surname changed from starting with a J to a Y after arriving in America (because that was the way it was pronounced). While I don’t know if I still have family in Croatia, I loved the time that I spent there and look forward to a return – and longer – visit. I loved the walled city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site, but there’s plenty to do outside the walls and this story hits on some of my favorites. See if you agree.

City walls are without a doubt Dubrovnik’s biggest attraction. They are still the reason number one to visit Dubrovnik. The average visitor stays in Dubrovnik only three days and as far as I know they spend most of the time within the old town, visiting museums, walking the city walls, and enjoying Dubrovnik bars and clubs.  Nevertheless, there are many things to do in Dubrovnik beyond the city walls. Dubrovnik is much more than […]

I Went to the Oscars and Nobody Cared

If you’ve ever watched the Oscars, and wondered what it must feel like to wear a fabulous gown, walk the red carpet, and hang out with A-list celebs, you’ll enjoy the story.

How did I get invited to the 86th Academy Awards, you ask? Well, my best friend took me as her date.

Read original article here: Film—I Went to the Oscars and Nobody Cared

10 best Chinatowns across the USA

I’ve been to about half of these Chinatowns and now have a few more to check out. And if you’re wondering, Seattle’s International District came in at #4.

From the country’s oldest Chinatown in hilly San Francisco to the smaller but just-as-bustling Chinatown in Philadelphia, we’ve identified the ten best Chinatowns in America.

Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

How to Teach English in Japan

Whether you’re a long term traveler, or are simply looking for a one year sabbatical, teaching English may be worth considering. This article does a good job of explain the pros and cons, ups and downs, and gives you plenty to chew on before making the leap.

The most common ways to teach English in Japan are as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in a public elementary, middle, or high school, through eikaiwa (English conversation schools), with business English organizations, and through the Japanese Exchange and Teaching program.

Paris: 50 ways to save time and money in 2014

Paris is one of those cities that I could visit again and again. From the cafe culture to the shopping, from the museums to the wine, from the history to the fashion, everything about this city captivates me. While I try to allow myself a reasonable budget that will allow me to experience everything I can, I love all these money saving tips that can help me stretch that budget just a little bit further. I think you’ll find a few that you like, too.

Worried about what your upcoming trip to Paris might do to your wallet? Fear not! The City of Light might be Europe’s most visited, but it doesn’t need to be its most expensive.

Read original article here: Paris: 50 ways to save time and money in 2014

Mexican Food: 16 Must-Try Dishes in the Yucatan!

I’m a fan of Mexican food, eating it fairly often, and I loved this list of Yucatan favorites. And top of the list is one of my personal favorites – chilaquiles. There’s no pretense of healthiness in this breakfast choice, but I order it up whenever I can. Read on to see what else makes the must-try list.

Chilaquiles. This isn’t exactly a wholesome, healthy breakfast like we’re used to in North America! Tortilla chips are smothered in green or red salsa and topped with pulled chicken pieces or eggs, some onions, cream and sometimes cheese. Typically beans are served on the side.

glass of prosecco

Glass of Prosecco, Italy’s bubbly

Sales of prosecco bubbling over champagne

Prosecco, Italy’s sparkling white wine, replaced champagne in my house a long time ago. It’s budget friendly price allows me to buy a better quality bubbly – and to have it more often. Turns out, I’m not alone – the sale of Prosecco in the U.S. is on the rise.

Prosecco outsold bottles of champagne around the world in 2013, with sales particularly strong in the UK and the US.

Buy less, do more: 5 reasons why experiences make us happier than things

Although I’ve been working on reducing stuff in favor of experiences, reading this article makes me think of ways I can do that even more. Are you happier when you’re doing something rather than when you have something?

British trend forecaster James Wallman has coined a new word: “Stuffocation.” (Think “stuff” and “suffocation.”) Wallman claims it’s one of the most crushing afflictions of modern society. Not only does the materialism it’s caused by have a disastrous ecological impact, the argument goes, it’s keeping us from leading more fulfilling lives.

Read original article here: Buy less, do more: 5 reasons why experiences make us happier than things

A Passer-by Thought This Was A Pile Of Trash

This heartwarming animal rescue story also points out that first appearances are not always accurate one. Click through to see the amazing transformation of this little guy given up on.

Did you know that homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1? It’s not surprising to see an unwanted animal roaming the streets in even the smallest of towns. This is a heartbreaking reality we live with, but sometimes people find a way to help those dogs and cats in need.


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