Sunday Stories for November 10th, 2013

Sunday Stories for November 10th, 2013

I’ve been flying around a bunch this week, trying to knock off a few flight before heading to Southeast Asia next week – 11 days visiting Thailand and Malaysia. I’ll have more information on how you can follow along on that trip in a couple of days.

For today, I hope you’ll settle in and enjoy these blog posts I found this week.

glass of prosecco

The Bar: Using The Right Wine Stemware

Big wine lover that I am, I also have a fondness for lovely stemware. At home I have a couple of go-to choices for red (my favorite) and sparkling (you know how I love Prosecco), but what if my glass choices aren’t the best option for my wine choices. This post will help you decide.

Drinking wine from of a nice wine glass will enhance your drinking experience, and bring out the the wonderful flavors.. Let’s get one thing straight, though.  By nice, I do not mean expensive.  I mean the right glass for the right type of wine.  

National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Tucson, Arizona

This place has been on my to-visit list since I first heard about it many years ago. I think it would be fun to gaze up at the dark sky, without the glare of all the city lights, and think about what’s up there and out there. Any other space fans among us?

For an out of this world experience when in the Tucson, Arizona area check out the giant telescopes that pierce the night sky at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory which sits high above lands that have been home to Native Americans for thousands of years. Located on Kitt Peak within the Tohono O’odham Reservation in the mountains surrounding the Sonoran Desert, the NOAO and Kitt Peak Visitor Center house the largest collection of optical telescopes in the world.

The History of the Trapper Keeper

The Trapper Keeper made their debut in 1978, long after I was out of school, but I would have wanted one if I had been. Do you remember them?

The folders came in three colors (red, blue, and green) and kids had six Trapper Keeper options: three solid colors and three designs—soccer, dog and cat, and Oregon coast, which were stock photos that Crutchfield bought from an agency. The Trappers had a suggested retail price of 29 cents each, while the Trapper Keepers had a suggested retail price of $4.85.

Read original article here: The History of the Trapper Keeper

2013-07-02 18.43.07

Seattle noodle shop makes best eats list

I love me my noodles. From Ramen to Udon, I’ve had and love them both. According to Urbanspoon diner reviews and votes, two of the best noodle shops are right here in the greater Seattle area. Do you agree?

Urbanspoon just named two Seattle-area noodle shops on its list for 26 top places in the country for slurping ramen. They are the Samurai Noodle chain in Seattle and Kukai Ramen & Izakaya in Bellevue.

Famous Photogs Pose With Their Most Iconic Images

So many of these famous photographs I recognized, yet I knew so few of the photographers who captured the image. That’s the concept behind this wonderful new book, bringing those unknown artists into our consciousness. I’ll bet you don’t know many of these photographers either.

Tim Mantoani hopes to change that by taking portraits of famous photographers holding their most iconic or favorite photos in his new book Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends. Mantoani has shot over 150 of these portraits in the last five years, most of which are contained in the book.

Mama’s Soothing Cough Syrup

Argh – it’s cold and cough time of year again, and that means the rough, scratchy, sore throats that go along with it. I thought this recipe (and accompanying explanation) for soothing your throat with buckwheat honey might be worth a try.

So what’s so special about buckwheat honey? Made by bees who gather primarily from white buckwheat blossoms, this unique, molasses colored honey is incredibly rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial/viral substances which promote healing. 

What Not to Buy on Black Friday

I am over – waaaaaay over – the consumerism attitude of the holiday season. I have everything I need, and mostly need to stop “wanting” more stuff. Knowing that, why is it that the idea of a Black Friday sale tempts me to go spend money?! If it’s the idea of a good buy, think again – those bargains may not be all that you think they are. Even if you are going to take advantage of a sale this year, please don’t do it on Thanksgiving – sometimes you just have to say no.

The biggest shopping holiday of the year is upon us, as retailers like to remind us year after year. They keep telling us about pending specials and earlier start times (as early as Thanksgiving) to get us into the stores nearly a month before Christmas Day. While there are some great deals to be had on Black Friday, planning and patience could result in more money in your pocket by the end of the year. Some purchases are better left for December, or even for after the New Year.




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