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Practical Accommodations During the London Olympics

London highlights

While most of us will still stay in regular hotels when we go on holiday or travel on business, there’s an increasingly large range of other alternatives available, from house swaps and couch surfing to serviced apartments.  Nowhere has more choices than London, so I recently had a look into what’s available – particularly since […]

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Tips for the Forgetful Traveler

don't forget post it note

At some point it’s bound to happen: As you are rushing around to check out of your hotel room, you leave your iPod behind.  Or, while you’re reaching into your briefcase, it tips over and you don’t notice that you cell phone has spilled out.  Or, you reach for your credit card and can’t find it, […]

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Hauntings at Boston University

Haunting stories come out during Halloween time, and some interesting ones come from college campuses.  Whether they’re reports of true paranormal activity, or merely urban legends, I’ll let you decide. Boston University students, both former and current, have had their share of haunting habitats, with two sites rumored to be sources of paranormal activity.  Of […]

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Back to Basics: Return to Ground Level

If you’re leaving your hotel room a little bleary-eyed from too much partying the night before, you may not be seeing straight.  Or maybe you’ve lost a contact, or forgotten your glasses.  Or maybe you’re in a country where you don’t understand the floor numbering. Don’t worry!  You can always get back to ground level, […]

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Back to Basics: Check Your Hotel Bill

The morning of checking out of your hotel can be a hectic time, getting dressed and ready to leave and making sure all of your things are packed.  If you’re traveling with kids the list of things that you are responsible for is even longer! Some of the stuff cannot be done till the last […]

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The Lost Iguana at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Here’s a Guest Post from Jon Rochetti who writes The DC Traveler and recently visited Costa Rica. Nestled in the rainforest of Costa Rica, a few hours from the capital, San Jose, The Lost Iguana Resort offers spectacular views of Arenal Volcano in a lush and tropical setting. The beautiful 100-acre property, in La Fortuna, […]

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Back to Basics: Remember Your Hotel Room Number

The days of having a metal key with your hotel room number engraved into it are long gone. Keys these days aren’t even keys.  They are flimsy pieces of plastic, about the size of a credit card), and instead of having a room number on it, it has a pretty photo of your hotel along […]

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How Well Do You Know These Movie Hotels?

When I’m working, I stay at pretty middle of the road hotels.  They are conveniently located near the airport, have most business amenities and services, and all seem pretty much the same.  There’s nothing wrong with most of them — but they certainly don’t have any “WOW” factor. The only time I get a peek […]

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Top 150 Buildings in America

The American Institute of Architects announced the results of its annual poll and named the top 150 favorite structures across the United States.  Here are the Top Ten on the list: Empire State Building The White House Washington National Cathedral Thomas Jefferson Memorial Golden Gate Bridge U.S. Capitol Lincoln Memorial Biltmore Estates Chrysler Building Vietnam […]

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Try Solitary Confinement on Your Next Hotel Stay

I like my creature comforts when I travel.  But I’m also trying to broaden my horizons.  I’m looking for new places to go, new adventures, a little motivation and encouragement to try something a little different and off the beaten path.  It’s not so much that I’m in a rut, as that I want to make […]

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You’ll Never Want to Leave: Hilton Union Square, San Francisco

It seems like everyone thinks about romance in February, but once Valentine’s Day passes, romance gets short shrift. One way […]

You’ll Never Want to Leave: Pantai Inn, La Jolla

For much of the northern hemisphere, January is winter and with it, the cold – often brutally cold – rain, […]

Introducing the Travel Reading List Challenge

Today I’m excited to announce the first of a couple of new projects that I’m launching for 2018 – the […]

2017: A Year of Travel in Review

While 2016 was a big year for international travel, 2017 represented a year spent enjoying destinations and activities closer to […]