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Travel Product Review: Comfy Commuter Travel Pillow

comfy commuter travel pillow in use on airplane

Comfy Commuter has the Travel Pillow of Your Dreams Product:  Comfy Commuter Travel Pillow Value Luxury Rating:    (2 out of 3) Features:  The Comfy Commuter travel pillow is made of soft plush and designed to create a space at the base of your neck so that your head is not forced forward into an uncomfortable position. The pillow […]

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By the Numbers: January 2013 Travel

By the Numbers: January 2013 Travel

I’ve decided to keep track of just how many miles I rack up and how many nights I spend on the road. Between all the hats I wear, and all the roles I fill, I know it’s plenty. January wasn’t a busy travel month. I enjoyed time at home in the aftermath of the holidays, […]

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How to Get to the Airport?

I have a lot of summer time travel coming up, starting with TBEX 12 this week (time in Denver and Keystone, Colorado) through TBEX Europe (in Girona, Costa Brava, Spain) in September.  In between there are plans for short trips around Washington and Oregon – summer is a great time to enjoy the Pacific Northwest […]

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Travel Problems: Changes and Cancellations

Radicofoni walkway Italy

Sometimes what challenges you is not what happens on the road, but actually leaving home to get on that road.  With the fates seemingly conspiring against you, it may seem like you have to clear roadblock after roadblock to leave home.  From getting vacation time from your work to deciding where to go, from managing […]

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Travel Interruptions: Illness and Injuries on the Road

ambulance at hospital

When travel plans don’t happen exactly like you’d like them to, you’re going to need to call on some patience and creativity to still enjoy your vacation.  Don’t throw up your hands and give up!  Dig into those reserves that you have and find a way to put the joy back into your travel.  Yesterday […]

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Cancelled Flights, Delays, Missed Connections, and the TSA

Lake Maggiore condo Italy

It’s easy to be happy and enthusiastic about traveling when things are going well — flights leaving on time, connections made, nice weather, making wonderful new friends, and seeing the world.  It’s easy to think the world is full of sunny skies and unicorns when things are just about perfect.  But what about when things […]

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Tips for the Forgetful Traveler

don't forget post it note

At some point it’s bound to happen: As you are rushing around to check out of your hotel room, you leave your iPod behind.  Or, while you’re reaching into your briefcase, it tips over and you don’t notice that you cell phone has spilled out.  Or, you reach for your credit card and can’t find it, […]

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10 Tips for Stress Free Checked Bags

Checked bags haven’t gone away, they’ve just become more expensive.  Depending on your airline, your frequent flier status with the airline, what class of service you’ve booked, and how much you’ve paid for your ticket, the price for checking your bag can range from nothing on up to $50 per bag.   And that’s not taking […]

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Back to Basics: Minimum Connection Time

With all the tools available for booking travel online, more and more people choose to do it themselves rather than use the services of a travel agent. I think the ability to research, sleuth out the best and perfect deal, and make reservations yourself is a wonderful thing.  BUT – it also means that you […]

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Back to Basics: 10 Items to ALWAYS Pack in Your Carry On Luggage

Although I check my bags on occasion, I’m very vigilant in not packing certain types of things.  Some things go in your checked luggage, some go in your carry ons, and depending on space, some things can go either way. It doesn’t seem like I should have to spell this out, but most every day […]

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You’ll Never Want to Leave: Pantai Inn, La Jolla

For much of the northern hemisphere, January is winter and with it, the cold – often brutally cold – rain, […]

Introducing the Travel Reading List Challenge

Today I’m excited to announce the first of a couple of new projects that I’m launching for 2018 – the […]

2017: A Year of Travel in Review

While 2016 was a big year for international travel, 2017 represented a year spent enjoying destinations and activities closer to […]

A Most Wonderful Time of the Year at Universal Orlando Resort

Holiday magic is a real thing. A feeling deep in your soul. A feeling that brightens your smile, lights up […]