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Prepare a Car Kit Before Heading Out on Your Road Trip

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Memorial Day weekend is the official launch of summer for many people, and despite the high gas prices and still sagging economy (or maybe because of them), this is likely to be a summer of car trips.  Whether its a long holiday weekend away, or a week or two on the road, car trips can […]

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Driving the Crookedest Street in the World

For one block, San Francisco’s Lombard Street is the crookedest street in the world.  You may have seen that one block in photographs, movies, or on television, but the full length of the street is much more than just that one block. The street runs east and west, and starts at The Presidio, runs through […]

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Vermont: The 14th State

Today is Admission Day for Vermont, our 14th state, admitted to the Union on March 4th, 1791. Vermont is located in the northeastern part of the United States, an area typically referred to as New England.  With a colorful, independent-thinking history, Vermont was once an independent nation known as the Republic of Vermont.  Today, Vermont […]

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Ohio: The 17th State

Today is Admission Day for Ohio, our 17th State, admitted to the union on March 1st, 1803.  The date of admission was actually determined retroactively, because no formal date of statehood was set by the original legislation.  It wasn’t until 1953 that the date of admission was set as March 1st, 1803, the date that […]

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Photo: Napa Valley

Location:  Napa Valley Vineyard. One of my most enjoyable weekend trips is to spend time wine tasting in the Napa Valley (California).  While several large, major wineries are located in Napa, I’ve found that some of the most fun are the smaller, limited production, family wineries. Photo:  Aaron Logan ____________________________________________________________

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Commuting Can be Eco-Friendly

On a recent layover, as I was sitting in the transportation van with the rest of my crew, I looked out the window at the mass of tail lights and exhaust fumes, shook my head, and muttered “rush hour.” For those of you who travel to and from the airport on a frequent basis, I’m […]

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Get Your Motor Running in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show

Excitement is running high in Detroit right now, as the countdown begins for this weekend’s opening of the North American International Auto Show, and the annual unveiling of what’s hot, what’s cutting edge, and what’s in the future of the car industry. From its inception in 1907 (how many cars were they showcasing then?) to […]

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10 Last Minute Ideas for Your Kids' Last Days of Summer Vacation

The idea of vacationing at home seemed to resonate with readers, both as a money saving idea, and as a practical solution with time remaing before school starts.  Here are some ideas for those of you in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area.  For those of you who don’t live in this area, use the ideas to think […]

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How to Cope With Car Sickness

I’m not really a car trip person.  I come to this conclusion honestly: As a child, car trips with my father were a marathon drive session, interrupted by a short time spent doing something, and then the marathon drive continued. I get carsick. I don’t remember getting carsick as a child, but then I always […]

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Peace Arch Park

Along the border between Blaine, Washington and Surrey, British Columbia stands the International Peace Arch.  The arch stands 67 feet high, and is proudly rooted, one side in American soil, the other in Canadian.  Straddling the longest undefended boundary in the world, the Peace Arch was dedicated in 1921, and was the first Monument built […]

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You’ll Never Want to Leave: Hilton Union Square, San Francisco

It seems like everyone thinks about romance in February, but once Valentine’s Day passes, romance gets short shrift. One way […]

You’ll Never Want to Leave: Pantai Inn, La Jolla

For much of the northern hemisphere, January is winter and with it, the cold – often brutally cold – rain, […]

Introducing the Travel Reading List Challenge

Today I’m excited to announce the first of a couple of new projects that I’m launching for 2018 – the […]

2017: A Year of Travel in Review

While 2016 was a big year for international travel, 2017 represented a year spent enjoying destinations and activities closer to […]