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Tuesday Deal Day: Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite National Park

Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

Yosemite-Sierra travelers can visit the region’s greatest natural wonder, Yosemite National Park, once again and take advantage of a prime season in the park. Fall offers mild weather, beautiful scenery, and the chance to explore, recharge and celebrate the park’s reopening. As summer vacationers disperse and the park comes back to life, wildlife emerges and […]

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Postcard from Fort Vancouver

The Blacksmith shop at Fort Vancouver

Located in the southern part of Washington state, Fort Vancouver was a 19th century fur trading outpost for the Hudson Bay Company. Today it is part of the National Park System, with living history events and a world-class archaeology collection. In the blacksmith shop, a top-notch nail maker could make one in 12 seconds flat.

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History & a View From the Top of the St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

Presiding proudly over the city of St. Louis, the Gateway Arch is the most recognizable building in the city’s skyline.  It’s that iconic symbol, often photographed, that helps identify the city to millions of people who have never, and perhaps will never, visit. The Gateway Arch is located in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, near […]

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Alcatraz: The Rock in the San Francisco Bay

Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay

Channel your inner Al Capone or “Machine Gun” Kelly with a visit to Alcatraz Island on your next stay in San Francisco.  Located in the San Francisco Bay, about a mile offshore, the island served as a lighthouse and military site before becoming a Federal prison in 1963. Alcatraz operated as a federal penitentiary for […]

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History Lesson at Women’s Rights National Park

Women Right's National Park chapel

Turning on the news these days inundates us with struggles for democracy around the world.  Even here at home, there are reminders to be ever vigilant about our civil liberties and individual rights, and I cannot even imagine a life in which women couldn’t vote or didn’t  have individual freedoms.  But the history is not […]

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USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Honolulu may be known for its sun and sandy beaches, but it is also home to one of  the most sobering military history sites that I’ve ever visited — the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.  The Memorial, dedicated in 1962, honors the site where World War II began for the United States, with the […]

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You’ll Never Want to Leave: Pantai Inn, La Jolla

For much of the northern hemisphere, January is winter and with it, the cold – often brutally cold – rain, […]

Introducing the Travel Reading List Challenge

Today I’m excited to announce the first of a couple of new projects that I’m launching for 2018 – the […]

2017: A Year of Travel in Review

While 2016 was a big year for international travel, 2017 represented a year spent enjoying destinations and activities closer to […]

A Most Wonderful Time of the Year at Universal Orlando Resort

Holiday magic is a real thing. A feeling deep in your soul. A feeling that brightens your smile, lights up […]