Tuscany Apartments & Cooking Classes

Tuscany Apartments & Cooking Classes

Guest post:  Today I have a guest post from a new friend, Matt, who lives in one of my favorite parts of the world – Tuscany. He’s provided this guest post about an activity that I’ve wanted to do while visiting Tuscany, learn how to cook some of those wonderful dishes.  Here’s how Matt says you can do it!



Learn to make pasta in a cooking class in Tuscany

We all know how great it is to stay in Tuscany, especially during the fair weather months. The gorgeous landscape that greatly varies from the coast to the mountains, the friendly people that will embrace you at your first attempts of speaking one word of Italian, and the epic food that melts in your mouth with its simplicity and genuineness, all contribute to making this land a worldwide destination. And let us not forget about the charming Tuscany apartments and villas dotting the countryside, comfortable stays to relax by the poolside between one sightseeing tour and the other. Pure bliss!

Tuscan food is not only a pleasure to eat, but also to prepare. Imagine being able to cook your own dishes from the Tuscan culinary tradition or even prepare a full meal. Now imagine learning to do it while you are on holiday in Tuscany, conjugating the two pleasures. Now stop imagining! Spending your holiday in an apartment or private villa while also learning to cook Tuscan dishes is a reality that you will find at many accommodations.

However, it is important to do some research first. Not all culinary courses are structured the same, and not all of them teach the same dishes. Are you an expert cook or a total rookie? Is this going to be your first approach to Tuscan cooking, or do you have some advanced skills and are ready for more elaborate dishes? It is also important to consider how many people you want as your course mates, and whether you want an informal course or a more structured one. Even though at first it may seem too much information to assess, this will determine how happy you will be about your cooking holiday in Tuscany.

The first step is to search for farmhouses or private villas that offer cooking classes. Try a Google search for “Tuscany apartments cooking classes”. To make sure you get the best prices look only for property websites that display Italian names, like Antico Casale di Scansano. After going through the description on their website, contact them directly about your special requests. Any owner will be glad to give you all the details about their courses. You may also be able to find a solution tailored to your needs. Usually cooking classes are offered to a minimum of 2 people. The maximum number varies greatly, depending on kitchen size and seating availability. Indeed, after cooking you will be the one eating your creations. To some this may seem a reward (to others a punishment), but it also is a fundamental step in the learning process.

If you already reserved your Tuscany apartments, but you did not consider the possibility of taking cooking classes on site, you may try two options.

  • Ask the owner of your accommodation if it would be possible to add this activity for your stay. After all, many farm houses feature a larger central kitchen that may be able to host a cooking course. If they have the space but not the skills, you may outsource the service looking for a chef that will bring all the necessaries to your accommodations.
  • Another option is to look for a cooking school not far from your stay. This may be the simpler solution if you are just one or two people.

One last important thing to remember is that Tuscan cooking springs from the desire of getting together and having a good time. The same should go into your learning. Remember to have fun while you are getting your hands dirty, it will show in your dishes.

Photo courtesy of Il Greppo


Matt is passionate about cooking and dreams of owning a set of Tuscany apartments to rent and create a tailored cooking school for his guests.

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