How to Make a


Shredded Chicken

guascas leaves &  corn on the cob, 

EASY Ingredients

criolla, sabanera, and pastusa potatoes.

Heavy cream, fresh avocado, white rice, and additional capers are served on the side.

The exact origin of ajiaco is unknown, but historians have their guesses as to how this hearty meal came about. 

Flour Bowl

It is thought the word “ajiaco” comes from the word “aji” meaning “hot pepper” from the language of the indigenous Caribbean tribe, Taino.

Green Cutlery

How to Eat Ajiaco

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It was too much to hope that a dish this could be simply scooped into bowls and enjoyed.

Controversial Ajiaco

In addition to Colombia and Cuba claiming ownership to the dish, Peru also lays claim to ajiaco, referring to it as a potato stew