Aran Sweater

Learn the History the Buying Tips and why you should own one of these beautiful and unique sweaters

The Aran Islands are a group of three small islands located off the west coast of Ireland in Galway Bay.  Click below to learn more about the islands.

The islands have history dating back to prehistoric times. The islands are known for their rugged beauty and traditional Irish culture.

They are also famous for their unique stone walls and the Aran sweater, a distinctive knit garment made from wool that has been popularized around the world.

What Makes Aran Sweaters Special

One of the distinguishing features of authentic Aran sweaters is the use of natural, un-dyed wool.

How are Aran Sweaters Made

It starts with shearing the merino sheep in the spring, then washing and carding the wool for spinning.

Are Aran Sweaters Itchy?

One of the bonuses of Aran Sweaters is that they don’t itch. Merino wool has very short, fine fibers, so they bend together rather than irritating your skin.

Are Aran Sweaters Warm?

Because more wool is used, the sweaters are heavier, and therefore warmer. This makes them perfect for cold weather wearing.

Aran Stitch Pattern

There is a popular mythology about how the meanings of Aran patterns began. .Click below to learn the true story behind the stitch pattern.

Learn more about Aran sweaters, like how to care for them and where to buy them. Click the link below.