Where Would You Like to be Dropped?

Have you ever had this conversation:

Hey, you wanna do something this weekend?

Sure, what did you have in mind?

Oh, I don’t know. Let’s go some place different, somewhere we haven’t been.

Ok, where did you want to go?

Some place fun, interest, and with great food.

Sound great, let me know when you get it figured out.

No, wait – why don’t you figure it out. And then surprise me.

I can only imagine that some version of that scenario is what stirred the creative juices and led to the new travel adventure ads run by Heineken (the beer company).

It started with a travel “game” called “departure roulette.” The idea was to have people show up at the airport committed to complete travel plans to a destination determined by a spin of the wheel. I don’t know about you, but I’d be up for that! Pack a few things to cover the essentials, have a credit card handy (in case you guess really, really wrong about what you need), and embrace the surprise. Yeah, I know there are probably logistical problems to the concept, but don’t you love the fun of the idea?

The ad campaign continues in a fun sort of way with a set of videos sharing travel scenarios that people have been “Dropped” into. Like this one showing an adventurous (or not?) traveler being blindfolded and “dropped” into a surprise location. The surprise location is Morocco. Take a look.

This is only the first video is what I imagine is a series, and it does make me want to know what will happen to the guy. He’s sort of a redneck guy in what is a pretty exotic location, and I want to know if he’s real or if it’s staged. If it’s real, I want to know how they made it all work and what the guy has to say about it. I expect it’s just an advertising ploy, but the adventurous traveler wants at least part of it to be for real.

What do you think? Could it be real? Don’t you want it to be?

This post is sponsored by Heineken.


Mary Jo Manzanares is a traveler, travel blogger, and podcaster. In addition to her blog, Traveling with MJ, she hosts the Where Else to Go podcast, and is the founder and the editor-in-chief of The Traveler’s Way, an online travel magazine. Her travel ethos is value luxury - luxury for real people - and her goal is to help travelers know when to splurge and when to save. Mary Jo has been a speaker at various industry events around the world. When she’s not traveling, Mary Jo likes lingering over a cup of coffee, wandering in a museum, sipping wine at a cafe, and sharing it all with friends and readers. Her most recent travels were to Stockholm, a Baltic cruise, and Universal Orlando Resort.

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