Lucca, Italy: 

A walled city perfect for walking or biking, offering a convenient escape from bustling Florence.

Giacomo Puccini:

Renowned composer born in Lucca, with historical sites paying homage to his influential life.

Puccini's Connection to Lucca:

Musical family dynasty with deep roots in the city's rich musical heritage.

Puccini Museum:

Visit the transformed birthplace of Giacomo Puccini, showcasing his life and achievements.

Statue of Giacomo Puccini:

Find this tribute to the great composer near the Puccini Museum in Lucca.

Gran Teatro Puccini:

Attend a performance at the open-air theatre dedicated to Puccini's musical legacy.

Cathedral of San Martino:

Explore the cathedral that played a significant role in Puccini's childhood and career.