Surf & turf sliders at Vice Versa, Vdarra

Review: Vice Versa at Vdarra, Las Vegas

Vice Versa Patio Lounge Address: 2600 W. Harmon Avenue, Las Vegas (at the Vdarra Hotel & Spa) MJ Rating:  1/2 (2 1/2 out of 3 stars) Features: Vice Versa is located on the center patio of the Vdarra Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas. Casual, yet hip, Vice Versa’s patio has fire pits (perfect for colder desert evenings) […]

Is a River Cruise Right for You?

Earlier this year, I was the enthusiastic guest of Viking River Cruises onboard their longship Eistla cruising the Rhine. We started in Frankfurt and ended in Amsterdam, the trip is also offered in reverse, and, I’m told, this was a fairly typical first river cruise itinerary. River cruising is generating a lot of buzz lately, […]

American Goldfinch Martini

There’s a New Bird in Town: Goldfinch Tavern at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

After months (and months) of construction, and months (and months) of wondering what it would be like, the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle and Ethan Stowell have now opened the Goldfinch Tavern. Named for Washington’s state bird, the Goldfinch Tavern offers simply prepared Pacific Northwest cuisine made with premium local ingredients. Open for break, lunch, dinner, weekend […]

Mt Fuji, Japan

Yoshida Udon: A Meal Fit for Mt. Fuji

It was hot and filling, and best of all – it wasn’t fish! I slurped up that bowl of Yoshida Udon like there was no tomorrow. I had been in Japan for a couple of days and had been treated to gourmet meals aplenty. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were beautiful works of art, masterpieces of […]

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Sunday Stories for August 3rd, 2015

Old Town at Night, Lisbon, Portugal

Night time in Lisbon

It’s been a wonderful week, full of accomplished projets and ending on a high note of turning 60. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and thoughts. Your friendship means a lot to me.

Now on to some great weekend reading.

Falling in Love with Porto, Portugal

I’ll be heading to Portugal next month and will have some time to spend in Porto. This provided some information that I’ll tuck away and use.

Porto is a UNESCO heritage listed city, and for good reason: the place is a cluster of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, neoclassical and modern architecture, all in one manageable, if not hilly, locale.

Read original article here: Falling in Love with Porto, Portugal

Not Your Typical St. Petersburg Tour: Russian Food Finds

Another spot on my bucket list — Russia. It goes back to my college major, probably helped along my the book Nicholas and Alexandra and the movie Dr. Zhivago. I remember going to lunch at the Russian Samovar (no longer there) and would love the opportunity to have Russian food in Russia.

Ever wondered what Russian food is really like? I’ve had dozens of versions of borscht at home in the U.S., but do any of them actually resemble the real thing in Russia?

Read original article here: Not Your Typical St. Petersburg Tour: Russian Food Finds

America’s 10 best cities for pizza

No Seattle pizza establishments on the list, and no surprise that New York City and Chicago rank at the top, but there’s still some lots of other pizza spots worth a look.

Chicago has been declared the pizza capital of the US in a new ranking that will surely stoke the longstanding rivalry between the Windy City and New York when it comes to pizza pies.

The coast of Bosnia-Herzegovina

The coast of Bosnia-Herzegovina

138 Countries, At Least, You Can Visit Without A Visa Using Your U.S. Passport

My friend Kerwin has put together this list of international destinations that don’t require a visa. Of course, you still need a passport, but if you’re thinking of jetting away for a spur of the moment getaway, this will be helpful.

This is a very popular question among readers to the site. It makes sense as we are travelers of course. So I decided to create this post telling you that there are at least 138 countries you can visit without a visa using your U.S passport.

Introducing Charleston’s Coolest New Boutique Hotel

I’m looking forward to visiting Charleston, a city on my bucket list for far too long. And since there will soon be non-stop flights from Seattle to Charleston, I’m looking at working it into my schedule shortly after those launched. This hotel review caught my eye.

When I put out calls on Instagram for Charleston recommendations, so many people responded with: “OMG you have to stay at Zero George!” (or some variation of this).

Read original article here: Introducing Charleston’s Coolest New Boutique Hotel

Half-Smoked at Ben’s Chili Bowl

On my list to try.

Founded in 1958, Ben Ali’s Chili Bowl is a cultural landmark in Washington D.C., serving their famous half-smokes to everyone from Adam Richman to Barack Obama.

Oregon wilderness

Road tripping in Oregon

The Obsessively Detailed Map of American Literature’s Most Epic Road Trips

I love the romantic notion of a road trip far more than the reality of spending lon days in the car, moving from place to place. Even though I like staying in one place for a longer time, I love this road map – and it does make me want to hit the road, even if just for a little while.

As much a free-association history of the American road trip as the chronicle of one in particular, Sullivan’s book is rare in that it documents a time-restricted straight-shot across the continent, interstates and chain-motels and all.

Read original article here: The Obsessively Detailed Map of American Literature’s Most Epic Road Trips

Burger Bucket List: 5 of America’s Best Burgers

A list of “best” of anything is always dependent on individual preferences, and when it comes to burgers, most people have strong feelings about what makes a good burger. Consider this list if you live in or are traveling to Seattle, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Chicago. I’ve been to one of these – Corner Bistro in New York. It was good.

The burger is to America what pasta is to Italy. In fact, renowned broadcast journalist Charles Kuralt said, “You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars.”

Read original article here: Burger Bucket List: 5 of America’s Best Burgers

Hiking in the Cinque Terre: What You Need to Know

My friend Jessica is my go-to expert for all things Italy. Here she talks about hiking in the Cinque Terre, a place I’ve not yet managed to get to.

It was only a few decades ago that the five fishing villages of the Cinque Terre were just that – fishing villages. Today, they are extremely popular tourist destinations where some fishing still happens to take place.

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