Advertising & Sponsorship

If your business targets the upscale active traveler, Traveling with MJ is the ideal choice for online marketing partnerships.

The site demographics are college educated women (ages 45+) in households with annual income exceeding $100,000.  Readers are interested in not only reading about travel but are active travelers who take five or more trips per year and purchase travel-related products.  They may be traveling solo, with a spouse or partner, with their kids or grandkids, with an overarching theme of enjoying the fun, excitement, and life-long learning experiences that travel has to offer.

My travel ethos is Value Luxury – that sweet spot where luxury and value intersect. It’s luxury for real people, not celebrities with private jets and bottomless pockets.

If this is the target segment you need to reach, Traveling with MJ offers a number of advertising, partnership, and business opportunities:

  • Display and banner ads
  • Sponsored content (editorial and social)
  • Product reviews and giveaways
  • Product placement
  • Destination reviews and social media campaigns
  • Media trips and sponsored travel
  • Branded content campaigns
  • Newsletter advertising and sponsorship
  • Customized sponsorships and other opportunities

We do not accept paid link placement. We are currently not accepting guest posts.

Here are some other ways to support the site:

  • Purchase products and services through our Amazon Influencer store (we’ll be updating it more regularly);
  • Buy my book, Secret Seattle (available at your local bookstore, on Amazon, or contact me directly for a signed copy)
  • Book a tour with our partner, Get Your Guide, with thousands of tour options around the world. Check it out here.
  • Book hotels and/or flights with our partners. You can find links to recommended hotels, along with other general search information, on our site.

Or, if you just want to show your support in a more casual way, you can always buy us a glass of wine. Donations start at $5, so you know we’re not drinking the good stuff. Donate here. (NOTE: You’re not really buying us a wine, it’s just a clever way of accepting donations.)

Please use the advertising contact form to let us know how we can do business together!