I was reading the other day that more and more people are foregoing their annual vacation. 

Some are choosing to work through vacation, opting to get paid out for their vacation days.  Other people are continuing to work, just letting vacation accrue in their leave accounts, some at the risk of “using or losing” days.  Some people don’t want to lose time away from the “fast track” by taking vacation, believing they are showing loyalty to their job and company by staying at their desks.  Still others take time away from work, but work on projects at home rather than taking any actual vacation.

To take, or not take, your vacation time has become the subject of numerous studies, leading to a variety of articles and books written on the topic.

And guess what?  It turns out that taking a vacation is actually better for both the employer and the employee!  You are more productive and your performance level goes up after you return from a vacation. 

Having been guilty a time or two of delaying a vacation, or choosing to work through it, I’m hopefully back on the track of working to live rather than living to work.  And while some vacation time is spent doing household projects and chores, the bulk of my vacation time is spent in more pleasant pursuits — traveling, relaxing, and enjoying leisure activities.

What about you?  Do you take your vacation time every year?  How long has it been since you’ve had a relaxing vacation? 


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