Sedona is Seeing Red (Rocks)

Sedona is Seeing Red (Rocks)
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There are plenty of reasons to make hiking part of a daily activity routine in 2015. The perfect way to jump start a healthy routine is with an unforgettable experience, and Sedona promises just that. There are a few off-the-beaten-path trails that are not only breathtaking, but also range in difficulty for someone just starting out, or experienced pros looking for the next great challenge. These trails offer options ranging from biking and trail running to horseback riding and climbing and much more.

With Sedona as the backdrop, visitors will rush to the illustrious trails spanning the red rock terrain, with jaw-dropping views of Sedona’s landscape and topography. Taking advantage of the backdrop, mountain-goers can bask in the sunshine while keeping their resolutions to be fit in the new year.

A local favorite, “The Crack,” can be found at the end of Bell Trail. By branching off the main trail, hikers are led to a swim hole with several places to jump off small cliffs into glistening pools of water. This destination is a favorite for locals, with great spots for pictures. These treasures and more are just a few of the wonders that await you. Let’s take a look at a few more, with information provided by Visit Sedona.

V-Bar-V (West Clear Creek)

Difficulty: Novice

Location: The trailhead is located near the V-Bar-V Heritage Site, which is southeast along Beaver Creek Road to the west of the I-17.

Description: As one of the shortest trails, just spanning a one-mile round trip, the V-Bar-V Trail should not be underestimated. In addition to its ease, it also provides amazing views and petroglyph sights from the Sinaqua culture and the V-Bar-V Heritage Site.

Deadman’s Pass Trail

Difficulty: Novice

Location: The trailhead begins at the intersection of Boynton Canyon Road and Boynton Pass Road, just a couple miles north of the 89A.

Description: This trail features easy walking on open trails next to the wilderness’ canyon, between the Long Canyon Trail and the Boynton Canyon Trail. The trail also features single-track riding over some of the rocks along the path.

Jim Thompson Trail

Difficulty: Medium

Location: This trail can be hiked from the Wilson Canyon trailhead, the Jordan Park trailhead or along the road past the Midgely Bridge parking area.

Description: As a 6-mile round-trip trail, the path passes through a cattle gate, becoming more narrow and shaded as it descends into Mormon Canyon. At the bottom, the trail turns into Brin’s Mesa Trail, just north of the Jordan Road trailhead, with certain sections of the trail requiring moderate climbing.

Cibola Pass

Difficulty: Medium

Location: The trailhead is located just north of the Jordan Park subdivision, a couple miles north of the 89A and Airport Road.

Description: Cibola Pass is a connector trail between the southern end of Brin’s Mesa Trail and the Jordan Trail, which passes through backwoods for views of the Mitten Rock Formation and leads visitors to the Seven Sacred Pools, a series of descending creek bed pools.

Loy Canyon

Difficulty: Hard

Location: Exiting on Dry Creek Road off the 89A, visitors will follow Dry Creek Road west 13 miles until arriving at the trailhead.

Description: With an elevation change of 1,700 feet, and spanning 10 miles round trip, this trail is reserved for adrenaline junkies and challenge seekers. The trail completes a 1,680-foot climb to a high saddle that overlooks the Secret Mountain mesa, with stunning views of the landscape to be appreciated at the top.


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