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Celebrate World Whisky Day

Take some grain, corn, rye or wheat will do, perhaps malted barley. Ferment in a still. Age in a wooden cask, oak works well, for various years. Then put into bottles. Voila – you have whisky. Or whiskey, if you prefer. (I like the  distinction between the two spellings found here.) Such a simple basic process is at the root of all whisky making, from the rot gut from the backyard still to the smoothest Irish whiskey, although the process of refining the smooth taste has evolved over generations. In fact, whisky has become strictly regulated, with very specifically defined classes and types based on both the type of grain, malt, and the process of aging. While purists maintain that whisky should be served neat, or with a splash of water or on the rocks if you must, today’s bartenders and mixologists […]

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