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Get Your Motor Running in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show

Excitement is running high in Detroit right now, as the countdown begins for this weekend’s opening of the North American International Auto Show, and the annual unveiling of what’s hot, what’s cutting edge, and what’s in the future of the car industry. From its inception in 1907 (how many cars were they showcasing then?) to the international showcase that it is today, Detroit has showcased our love affair with the car.  Originally called The Detroit Auto Show, this event now ranks with the best of the best in the auto world, holding its own with the major auto shows in Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris and Tokyo.  In 1989 it became known as the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Some highlights of past shows: 1992 ““ The President of Chrysler “crashed” a Jeep Grand Cherokee into the site through a special […]

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Peace Arch Park

Along the border between Blaine, Washington and Surrey, British Columbia stands the International Peace Arch. The arch stands 67 feet high, and is proudly rooted, one side in American soil, the other in Canadian.  Straddling the longest undefended boundary in the world, the Peace Arch was dedicated in 1921, and was the first Monument built and dedicated to world peace. The American side of the arch is inscribed:  “Children of a Common Mother.”  The Canadian side is inscribed:  “Dwelling Together in Unity.”  Spanning both sides of the border is the inscription:  “May These Gates Never be Closed.” Although most visitors to the Peace Arch are crossing the border, you can visit the park without doing so.  You can walk around and enjoy one side of the park or the other, but are not permitted to walk outside the park boundaries […]

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