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How to Make Limonana, Tasty Mint Lemonade

Jordan has a very hot and dry climate, so a cool and refreshing drink is just what you need after a long day of exploring. One of the most refreshing drinks I found while I was visiting Jordan was mint lemonade, or Limonana, a traditional drink found throughout the Middle East. The name originates from the word “limon” which means lemon in Arabic and Hebrew and “nana” which means mint. Apparently, the drink became more well-known in the 90s after an advertising campaign promoted it in Israel, but it has been a popular sip across the Middle East for far longer. You can find it everywhere in Jordan – in restaurants, bottled in convenience stores, served fresh at juice stands, everywhere. I visited Jordan as part of a paid partnership project with Globus Journeys. Saying yes to the Jordan Escape tour was easy-peasy. […]

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Wine with MJ: Virtual Wine Tasting with Eternal Wine & Drink Washington State

Our first virtual wine tasting launched with guest Brad Binko, owner and winemaker at Eternal Wine in Walla Walla, Washington. Brad also owns a sister label, Drink Washington State. For this tasting, Brad has selected three wines: 2018 Drink Washington State White Blend, 2016 Eternal Foundation Syrah, and 2018 Eternal Bliss fortified Syrah. If you want to purchase these wine for the tasting, you’ll need to order direct from the winery as they only self-distribute locally in Walla Walla. Watch the episode below. We’ve also set up this wine series as an audio podcast. So if you prefer audio only, perhaps while out for a run, in your car, or while traveling, you can listen to the audio file below. We also have the feed set up in several of the major podcast players. You can find it on Spotify […]

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