This week on the Where Else to Go podcast we’re off to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with Cheryl and Lisa of What Boundaries Travel Media. The Galapagos Islands recently made the top of their favorite travel destination list after a recent trip to the islands.

You might think that getting to the Galapagos Islands is too great of a challenge to get to and to see the islands because of the restrictions. However, it’s an amazing experience to see the animals up close since they have no fear of humans.   You will see some amazing land animals like the land iguana or Galapagos Tortoise, land birds like the Blue Footed Booby, and in the water you will swim with seals and an occasional penguin at the Equator!

There are many options on how to experience the Galapagos. You can fly into one of the main islands like San Cristobal and make it your home base while planning day trips to the various islands, or you can opt to take a luxury tour with a group like Ecoventura where your yacht is the “home base” and you travel between the islands with a stop at a different island every day.  It surprisingly easy to get to the islands – there are many flights through Panama or even directly into Ecuador (another beautiful place), then it’s just a quick flight out to the islands.

Take a listen to learn why the Galapagos Island should be on your where else to go list.

Cheryl and Lisa keep busy traveling and writing for their their three blogs:  WhatBoundariesTravel, TheTravelPharmacist, and coming soon, the FloridaSpectator. Their focus is on Gen X and Boomer travel with a goal to provide travel inspiration to their readers.  They sum it up simply, “We love to travel and even more, love to share our experiences with others so they feel more comfortable traveling.”

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