With a hat tip to Shai Coggins for the idea, here are 7 from 2007, my personal reflections on the year that is bidding us adieu:

7 Memorable Moments:

  1. Getting on an Air France flight, knowing I’d be getting off in Europe
  2. Coming out of the metro and seeing Paris for the first time
  3. New Year’s at the Needle
  4. Road trip to Philadelphia
  5. Seeing Jersey Boys
  6. Speaking at BlogHer (Chicago) and Blog World Expo (Las Vegas)
  7. Meeting some online friends in person

7 Memorable Travel Experiences:

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral
  2. Night Cruise on the Seine
  3. Rodin Museum in Paris and Philadelphia
  4. Seeing the Liberty Bell
  5. Segway Tour of Diamond Head
  6. Dolphin Cruise in Honolulu
  7. Visiting Kauai for the first time

7 Important Friendships:

  1. Family – whether by birth or by choice
  2. Anita – through thick and thin, the best friend in the world
  3. Susan – a year of change for us both, and not enough time spent together
  4. The Travel & Culture Channel bloggers (past and present):  Jul, Melissa, Grace, Maricar, Sherry, Ruth, Alex, Apryl, Paul, Chandra, Matt, Jon, Alicia, Shawn Marie, Susan, Heather R., Jed, Heather T., Lynn, Kim, Geoff, Lauren, Justin, and Ken
  5. CJ, who keeps me sane and helps me learn
  6. Blogging friends – Leora, Sheila, Deb
  7. Some long distance friends with whom I keep in touch, even though we don’t see one another as often as we’d like, and that’s going to change in 2008

7 Favorite Things:

  1. Misha & Benjamin, my cats
  2. My new video camera
  3. iPod & iPhone
  4. Louis Vuitton handbag – purchased on the Champs d’Elysees
  5. My blurb book
  6. Sunday New York Times
  7. A pair of gold diamond hoops and a matching bracelet

7 Things I Learned, Re-learned or am Still Learning:

  1. How to do a couple of things using Excel  – although it took forever
  2. New settings on my camera
  3. How to use a video camera – although I haven’t produced any video that is good enough to share yet
  4. How to ride a Segway
  5. How to be a better Channel Editor
  6. HTML
  7. Digital photography techniques

7 Favorite Layover Cities:

  1. Newark (EWR)
  2. Boston (BOS)
  3. Washington DC (DCA)
  4. Cancun (CUN)
  5. Chicago (ORD)
  6. Dallas (DFW)
  7. Kauai (LIH)

7 Life Lessons:

  1. People are amazing
  2. A broken heart heals
  3. Don’t take good health for granted
  4. Apologize — and mean it
  5. Eating your words is easier with a cold beer
  6. Remember the Golden Rule
  7. Life is short, and sometimes we have to say goodbye to people before we are ready

Adieu 2007. . . may you slip silently and peacefully away in the night.

I’ll see you all next year!


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