It the food part of your travel budget is running a little low, but you just can’t face one more trip to the local grocery store for bread and peanut butter, try heading to a nearby college campus to find a hot meal for a reasonable price.

While many students take their meals in their dorm dining halls, most campuses still have other student dining facilities.  Whether it’s a snack bar, cafe, full restaurant or bar, the prices are geared to a student budget.  Of course, the food is geared to a student palate as well, but if you’ve been subsisting on a diet of cold snacks, a burger may seem pretty darn tasty.

Most non-dorm dining facilities are open to the greater campus community – meaning visitors as well as students.  Plan on using cash, as not all accept debit or credit cards.

A couple weeks ago, I found a fun little bar at the University of California – Berkeley and found a reasonably priced menu, including some vegetarian choices, as well as inexpensive specialty brews.

If you know a great campus cafe or bar, please leave a recommendation in the comments.


Photo credit:  personal collection