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UNESCO Site: Visiting Malbork Castle, Poland

A visit to Malbork Castle Museum will feature both the historical and artistic aspects. There are also some archaeological activities and research, always looking for ways to add depth to the layers of history of the Teutonic Order and the Castle. The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, usually referred to as the Teutonic Order, is a Catholic religious order dating back to the 12th century. Although it was originally founded as a German military brotherhood, it’s purpose has changed over the years and since 1929 it has been strictly a religious order, although it harkens back to those early years with the conference of honorary knighthoods. Today the Catholic branch of the Order has about 1,000 members, and while originally no women were permitted, members today include a couple of hundred nuns. The Castle of […]

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Plan a Stopover in Krakow, Poland

Adventurous travelers are continually seeking out different and unusual destinations, but for many people who feel that they still haven’t seen some of the major sights of the world, there’s a sense that those destinations need to wait.  In fact, you can easily add on a stop in central or eastern Europe while en route to that traditional stop in western Europe.  Not sure how to make it work?  Look for airlines and itineraries that allow you a stop over – that is, instead of making a close connection to your final destination, allow you to spend a few days seeing someplace that wasn’t exactly in your plans. For example, one of the connections for my trip to Europe this summer routed me through Krakow, Poland.  After noting the reasonable price, my next focus was checking the map to make […]

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