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You’ll Never Want to Leave: Lakedale Resort, Friday Harbor

Growing up in Washington State, we took the San Juan Islands for granted. Sure, we studied the islands in Washington State History and went there on field trips, but we never thought of it as someplace people would voluntarily go. Especially not for a vacation. Boy, were we wrong! We headed off to Friday Harbor earlier this year for a stay at Lakedale Resort in Friday Harbor (on San Juan Island). The 82-acre resort has three spring water lakes and a variety of lodging options to fit every preference and budget, from its rustic luxury lodge to camping sites. We loved our stay at Lakedale Resort and never wanted to leave. We think you’ll feel the same way, too. This is part of a series of monthly themed features talking about places we’ve stayed and never wanted to leave. This post […]

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You’ll Never Want to Leave: Hilton Union Square, San Francisco

It seems like everyone thinks about romance in February, but once Valentine’s Day passes, romance gets short shrift. One way to celebrate romantic memories all year long is to re-visit places that have a special meaning for you, that have played a starring role in your life together, and that makes you smile when you think about past visits. For us, that destination is San Francisco, California. San Francisco was the first place we vacationed in when we were dating. We spent some time there on our honeymoon. We’ve flown there for baseball games, conferences, getaway weekends, and other special events. We “get” San Francisco because San Francisco “gets” us. For a celebratory getaway, we wanted to stay downtown in the Union Square area – it’s the area of the city where we stayed on our first visit – and […]

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You’ll Never Want to Leave: Pantai Inn, La Jolla

For much of the northern hemisphere, January is winter and with it, the cold – often brutally cold – rain, snow, and ice. January is also the time when, no matter where you live, people make plans for the new year. Whether it’s finding enough motivation to stick to resolutions, making a commitment to new habits, or re-setting your business or personal goals, January is a great time to burrow in. That’s what we did at the Pantai Inn in La Jolla, California, and we didn’t want to leave. This is the first of a year of monthly themed features talking about places we’ve stayed and never wanted to leave. This post, and the ones to follow each month, may contain affiliate links, sponsored travel, or paid product placement. We’ve hand-picked these destinations and products because we like them and we […]

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