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Gouda Cheese & Gouda the Town: Two Dutch Treats to Discover

Ah, Gouda – a delicious cheese that we’re all familiar with! Eat it as it is, on a cheese board, or slice it up and pop it on a sandwich – you simply can’t go wrong.  Gouda is named after a city found in the South Holland province of the Netherlands. And the city has a lot going for it, not just the cheese.  This post will serve as a primer on what you need to know about Gouda – the cheese name and the Dutch city. So, stick with us as we cover the basics of the city of Gouda, the origins of the cheese, how to pronounce it, and most importantly, how to eat it. With this info in mind, you’ll be primed to dig in to learn – and eat – more Gouda. How to Pronounce Gouda […]

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