Four days into Geography Awareness Week, and now it’s time to go down under, giving me an opportunity to write about where I’d like to go on the continent of Australia.

I’m featuring a different dream location each day this week, one from each of our seven continents, so be sure to check out my posts on Antarctica, The Maldives, and Kruger National Park.

While most of my dream trip locations have been fairly remote, and appealing to the side of me that loves solitude, my choice for Australia would be a bustling city, full of culture and fun —Sydney.

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, and is located on the southeast coast of the island.  It’s the most populated city in Australia, and is the country’s center of finance, media, and tourism.  I’d need to spend some time both in the city, and out at the beaches, and would need to check with Lauren, fellow blogger (The Sydney Traveler) and Sydneysider (as the residents are called).

I’m already starting a list:

  • visiting the Sydney Opera House
  • wandering around in Olympic Park
  • checking out the Harbour Bridge
  • spending time in the water and on the beaches
  • checking out the art scene
  • and, figuring out where I need to go to see a Koala

Unfortunately, my time in Sydney would have to be kept short, as it’s one of the more expensive cities in the world.  But isn’t that the case with most cosmopolitan and fun cities!

My week of discovery continues tomorrow, when I choose a destination in Europe.