I’ve really fallen in love with Instagram (you are following me on Instagram, aren’t you?), and I’ve discovered lot of great photography. From the beautiful landscape photos to the perfect meal, from the urban cityscapes to fascinating profiles, from interesting architecture to relaxing beaches, I appreciate it all. These interesting IG accounts challenge me to be better every single day.

Here are my top IG photos from last month (December 2014). I thank you for supporting my efforts to share my photos.

The first photo was from a river cruise out of Belgium. It was my first trip to the country, and the sights and sounds – and food – delighted and enchanted me.

Cathedral of our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium.

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I am Croatian by maternal lineage, and the country has fascinated me as far back as when it was consider Yugoslavia. I didn’t have the chance to visit the “old country” until I was an adult, and I wish I had contacts with my family. The few days I spent there were all to brief, but it’s okay, I know I’ll return.

Visiting Croatia was a magical experience for me. This is the country of my roots. Looking out at the red tiled roofs, despite looking at the ravages of war, I still felt as if I were coming home. A photo posted by Mary Jo Manzanares (@travelingwithmj) on

A visit to Salt Lake City, Utah, left me with plenty of time to visit Temple Square and to take in the Christmas lights around the Temple. Another photo of the Temple lights was also popular.

Another photo from the Christmas light display at the temple in Salt Lake City

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New York City is one of those places that grows on you. Go ahead, call out Times Square for being touristy and not worth a visit. But I make sure to stop off there every couple of visits. It’s just like you see it in the movies (or television), full of lights and life, teeming with people and activity. I understand why people dislike it, but I love it there. 

I want to be a part of it, New York, New York. Times Square at night. A photo posted by Mary Jo Manzanares (@travelingwithmj) on

I first visited Ireland for a TBEX site visit. One of the places we toured was Powerscourt Gardens. The grounds were impressive (if only I could recreate a small portion of them at home), and I’d recommend it as a day trip if you’re visiting Dublin.

Powerscourt Garden near Dublin.

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