It’s been a busy month of travel for me, hopping between time zones (and continents) like jet lag was a figment of my imagination. While most of the time it was, this month, for the first time that I can remember, jet lag laid me low and interfered with my ability to enjoy several of my traveling days.

Is it because I’m getting older? A combination of back an;d forth over a short period of time? Maybe it was merely situational. Whatever it was, I’ve been missing in action here on the blog and I wanted you to know why.

With all the travel though, I did manage to keep my Instagram account rolling. If you’re not following me there, I hope you will now. Here are my top Instagram photos from last month (February).

This first photo was taken in Salt Lake City one night. I’ve recently had the opportunity to go back to SLC after being away for a couple decades. My how the city has changed. Walking back to my hotel from dinner one night, I tried my hand (or should I say my iPhone) at a night shot of this fountain.

Dancing water and lights in Salt Lake City.

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Next up is a “latergram”, a photo that was taken earlier (in this case before Instagram was even around) and I’ve found in on my phone and am now sharing it was Instgram “later”. The photo was from a trip along the Monterey coast, driving from Monterey to Carmel. It was a fun trip full of wine tasting, laughter, and beautiful coastal scenery.

The Monterey Coast driving along highway 1

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My photos from Hawaii always seem to be popular, although it’s not so much due to the photo as it’s due to our love of tropical island life. Who hasn’t dreamed of running away to spend days and nights on a beach in paradise?

Morning on #maui A photo posted by Mary Jo Manzanares (@travelingwithmj) on

Our trip to New York was full of special moments, and perhaps one of the most meaningful was a visit to the 911 Memorial. It’s a tough visit, bringing back memories of the day the world changed, but it seems that visitors found some solace there.

A time for somber reflection at the twin fountains on the site of the former twin towers. #nyc

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Finally, this shot is of a ceiling in a hotel somewhere. I tour a lot of hotels, but I don’t remember which one this was. Looking up must have fascinated me, though, and apparently you, too.

Great ceiling.

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