Today is Admission Day for Arkansas, our 25th state, admitted to the Union on June 15th, 1836

Arkansas is one of those states that I just don’t know much about. Yeah, I know that it’s in the south, and I know that President Clinton was from there. Oh yeah, and Little Rock is the capital. Other than that, Arkansas just hasn’t been on my radar scope much.

Calling itself the Natural State, Arkansas tourism focuses on its outdoor activities: camping, fishing, National Parks, hunting, watersports, and hiking. Arkansas geography has a little of everything — mountains and valleys, forests, plains, rivers and lowlands, and even a number of underground caverns — so it offers a little something for everyone in terms of outdoor activities. This variety also makes for some pretty dramatic scenery, as with the Royal Gorge (in photo).

In addition to tourism, agriculture is a very important industry in Arkansas, especially poultry and eggs. Cotton, soybeans, cattle and hogs are also important to the economy.

Arkansas is also the first state where diamonds were found naturally.

Photo credit: wikimedia


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