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Rolling Along in Antwerp Belgium

I rolled into Antwerp by train, like many visitors to the city, arriving at the city’s ornate Central Station. I’d heard that the station was impressive, it makes the most beautiful list often enough, and the stone, iron, and glass architecture didn’t disappoint. I’ll let the architectural community argue over the appropriate style of the station, and I’ll just appreciate the dome and the turrets, the marble and the glass, and the gold. The Central Station was completed in 1905, and although it has been refurbished and expanded a couple different time, the station’s opulence has not been diminished. Today the station has four levels and 14 tracks that connect Antwerp with the rest of the country and the rest of Europe. Does it look somehow familiar? Perhaps you’ve seen the Sound of Music flash mob video Belgium is one […]

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Mother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of Spring

Mother Nature can be a fickle friend, teasing us with sun and blooms one day and the next sending showers bordering on snow. As travelers, we learn to make the best of it, ducking into a museum in inclement times and walking in the park in better ones. Despite a Spring with weather all over the map (literally and figuratively), I still marvel at what Mother Nature has wrought. Ah, springtime! While in Dublin you confused me into thinking I was back home in Seattle. Overcast days, a spot of rain now and again, and a peek of blue sky. We layered up to walk around the cemeteries and ruins outside of Dublin. And when we finally got to the gardens at Powerscourt, we were rewarded with a bit of blue sky and a hint of sun. After Dublin it […]

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