Mother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of Spring

Mother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of SpringMother Nature: A Fickle Photo Essay of Spring

Mother Nature can be a fickle friend, teasing us with sun and blooms one day and the next sending showers bordering on snow. As travelers, we learn to make the best of it, ducking into a museum in inclement times and walking in the park in better ones.

Despite a Spring with weather all over the map (literally and figuratively), I still marvel at what Mother Nature has wrought.

Ah, springtime! While in Dublin you confused me into thinking I was back home in Seattle. Overcast days, a spot of rain now and again, and a peek of blue sky.

Dublin city view

We layered up to walk around the cemeteries and ruins outside of Dublin.

remains of a stone church in Ireland

And when we finally got to the gardens at Powerscourt, we were rewarded with a bit of blue sky and a hint of sun.

Powerscourt in Ireland

After Dublin it was off to Berlin, where Mother Nature must have been having quite a laugh at us travelers. The first day there, when I got to do a bit of sightseeing, taunted me with sunny blue skies that necessitated sunglasses.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Germany

It was warm enough to enjoy the outdoor exhibits at the Topography of Terror and to sit for a bit and take in the horror of what had happened in that very spot.

Outdoor exhibits at Topography of Terror, Berlin

But by the time I had another free day in Berlin, Mother Nature was laughing at my complacency and sent a little snow my way. From blue skies to snow, she certainly was keeping me on my traveling toes.

A dusting of snow in Berlin

By the time I got to Brussels, Mother Nature had a lot more of that white stuff in store for me. The first day was windy and cold, but when I woke up the next morning, the white stuff covered the ground.

Snow in Brussels

I still wanted to get out and see a few of the sites, but with the snow coming down so hard that I could keep my glasses clear of it, I gave up and burrowed into my hotel and got some work done.

walking in snow in Brussels

Fortunately, as I headed on to Antwerp, the snow was more of a dusting than a dumping. The snow made the cobblestone streets a bit slippery, perhaps Mother Nature telling us to watch our step, but it was still easy enough to get around.

Along the river in Antwerp

But I still wouldn’t want to be riding a bike in this weather.

bike rentals in belgium

The weather in Bruges was a mixed bag of wind, rain, and icy snow. I braved a canal ride, but it was bitterly cold to the very core of my being.

Canal ride in Bruges

Perhaps the bitter cold was Mother Nature’s way of sending me inside, saying it was time for a little chocolate? I agreed that it was a marvelous idea, a chance to warm my hands and toes along with satisfying my taste buds.

Easter chocolate in Bruges

Not quite so cold, but Mother Nature was still a bit gloomy, while wandering among the canals in Amsterdam.

canals in Amsterdam

It was a mixed bag of Spring weather that Mother Nature sent my way, but travelers can’t be deterred by the trivialities of snow, rain, sleet, or cold. You’ve got to enjoy where you are, try to make the best of it, and hope that Mother Nature has something better in store for you right around the corner.

Here’s to hoping the rest of Spring is a bit warmer!

This blog post is part of a round up on the topic of Nature. To see how other travel bloggers have interpreted this theme, and for a lot of great travel reading, head on over to Green Global Travel to find more.

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