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North Dakota Road Trip

Summer is the time of year for the classic road trip.  Whether you pack up the family car, RV, or score a discount car rental, a road trip screams out to get away from the crowds and try something new.  For me, a road trip would be to places that I haven’t been before, so let’s spin the map of the U.S. and see what we can come up with. How about North Dakota?  It’s a state that I haven’t been to, somewhat obscure in the travel promotion department, and it just seems like the kind of place that would make for a good road trip or family vacation.  Now, what’s there to do or see? According to North Dakota Tourism, I’ve been missing out on a lot, as the state is Legendary (their tourism slogan).  Here are 10 reasons […]

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A Little Austria in Montana: Cathedral of St Helena

Seen from a distance the Cathedral of St. Helena is impressive, but when you get inside, impressive doesn’t begin to convey the beauty of the neo-Gothic Cathedral.  If your travel plans call for a visit to the area, it’s worth the time to stop off to check it out. Located in Helena, Montana, the Cathedral is modeled after the Votive Church of the Sacred Heart in Vienna, Austria.  It was opened in 1914 (when the first service were held), but wasn’t finished, however, until 1924.   Although the Cathedral was seriously damaged in an earthquake in 1935, it was reconstructed preserving both the impressive architecture and adding earthquake-proofing construction.  It still maintains an impressive and imposing presence in Helena, attracting worshippers and travelers alike. As you walk up its stone stairs, take a moment to look behind you at the downtown […]

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