Continuing with my geography awareness week of posts, I move on to the continent of Europe.

There are so many places in Europe that I’d like to visit that it was hard coming up with a destination to discover.  Well, actually it wasn’t hard to come up dozens of places that I’d like to visit, what was hard was narrowing it down to one.  But finally, I chose Tuscany, in central Italy.

What’s so appealing to me about Tuscany is its rich variety of life.  From the history and magnificent art of its capital city of Florence, to the small towns and villages in the countryside, and the delicious wine and food of the entire area, it all sounds wonderful!

This spring I’ll have the opportunity to spend a time in Tuscany, staying in a farm house surround by vineyards and olive trees.  They’ll be time for exploring the art and architecture of the area, as well as for sampling the wines of the region and exploring the small vineyards.  (Tuscany is known for its Chianti, Montepulciano, and Brunello wines.)  I can’t wait to sample all that Tuscany has to offer.

Any suggestions about Tuscany from my readers?


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