Haunting stories come out during Halloween time, and some interesting ones come from college campuses.  Whether they’re reports of true paranormal activity, or merely urban legends, I’ll let you decide.

Boston University students, both former and current, have had their share of haunting habitats, with two sites rumored to be sources of paranormal activity.  Of course, this time of year the re-telling of these stories and legends circulate a little more widely!

The Charlesgate Hotel (20 Myrtle Street, Beacon Hill area of Boston) was built in 1891, and since the beginning has been rumored to be a site for paranormal activity.  Once a Boston University dormitory, and later a dorm for Emerson college, there were many reports filed by students who claimed the building was haunted during the 1970-90’s.  Today, as the Charlesgate, an upscale residential property, the rumors seem to have died down.

Another Boston University dorm, Shelton Hall (91 Bay State Road, Boston), is also rumored to be haunted (in photo).  In an earlier life, the dorm was the Sheraton Hotel where playwright Eugene O’Neill died in suite 401.  In O’Neill’s honor, the 4th floor was called the Writer’s Corridor.  It’s believe that O’Neill is still hanging out in that corridor.

Has anyone stayed at either of these haunted locations?



Photo credit:  wikimedia