For the well-traveled, adventurous itineraries and exotic destinations quickly become standard fare. Sometimes, though, a break from a jam-packed schedule is essential. 

If you find yourself needed a rejuvenating break, consider indulging yourself at one of these hotels or resorts that feature a luxury swimming pool. 

Whether you prefer a refreshing morning swim or a tranquil dip under the stars, a lap pool or one with water features like infinity edges, lazy river, or a swim-up bar, a well-designed  pool provides a perfect place to connect with your surroundings. A pool with a view lets you enjoy the surrounding landscape, whether that’s rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, or pristine coastlines. Or maybe it’s a panoramic vista of lush vineyards, a picturesque seascape, or a vibrant cityscape that calls to you. And let’s not forget the beauty of indoor custom swimming pools.

From infinity pools overlooking pristine beaches to rooftop oases amidst bustling cities, these 15 luxury swimming pools at hotels around the world are worth consideration when booking your next vacation getaway.

You don’t need to be a celebrity too book these value-luxury splurge-worthy hotels. So grab your swimsuit and let’s dive in. 

Luxury Swimming Pools