I spent some time today at a blogging conference, and met up with fellow travel-blogger Pam from Nerds Eye View.  As is often the case when travel bloggers get to talking, the discussion soon turns to places we’ve been, places we’re going, and places we want to go.

Pam is a great photographer (click on her link above and go check out her stuff), and we also discussed how much photos added to the travel blog experience.

So today, I’m sharing a photo taken on my trip to Paris last fall. 

The photo was taken on a visit to the Louvre.  The statuary was in a garden atrium area of the museum, and is just one of hundreds of pieces on display.

I recently had the opportunity to watch some sculptors at work, and that has given me a new appreciation for the effort that went into these marble pieces of art.


Photo credit:  personal collection