I wasn’t sure if it was true, or an urban legend, but there really is a large ball of string, claiming to be the World’s largest.  I don’t know if it really is the largest in the world, but this hulking ball of string is located in Weston, Missouri (500 Welt Street) at America Bowman Restaurant.

The site was the location of the former West Museum, located in a barn on the property.  One of the artifacts proudly on display in the museum, was a huge ball of string, measuring 19 feet in circumference and weighing in at a cool 3, 713 pounds.  This is pure string, which means that no materials of a thicker composition (like yarn or twine) are in the ball. 

No one has been able to answer the questions as to the origination of the ball, or the owner of it, but after the Museum went out of business, it was simply to heavy to move.  So it stayed put.  And it remains even today, now that the barn is occupied by the America Bowman Restaurant. 

Today the Ball is chained to a patriotic platform of red, white, and blue, is an area that has been walled off into a separate room.  Plan are in the works to move the Ball to a glass display window by the end of the year.

The ball is typically on display to the public Tuesday – Sunday, 11:30 am – 9 pm., but if your heart is set on seeing it, you may want to call to verify by calling the restaurant (816-640-5235).

It’s true, and it really does exist — a huge ball of string.


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