Stone villages in Pelion

It’s time to update my bucket list, something I do every two years. It’s not a list for me to check thing off, something that should be obvious in the slow pace I’ve taken to the list. No, I’m just an avid list maker, and when I hear or see something that captures my interest, I put it on a list.

I’ve capped my bucket list at 100, which provides plenty of room to list some far fetched ideas along with the practical ones, but also makes it finite. I don’t add anything until something gets eliminated, whether by accomplishing it or changing my mind about it.

Here are the things I’m crossing off since my last update for 2014.

  • Greece – I visited Greece twice in 2014, once for a tourism conference, and then for TBEX and some post-TBEX time exploring. I loved my time in country, exploring the ruins and city of Athens, as well as understanding about more about Greek tourism.
  • Visit the Everglades – I had the chance to take an air boat ride through a part of the Everglades while attending IPW 2015.
  • Have custom made clothes in Thailand – I originally thought I’d have this done in Hong Kong, but when the opportunity presented itself in Thailand, with a hearty recommendation from a friend, I jumped at the opportunity.
  • Visit Saint Maarten/Sint Martin – I was able to get to both the Dutch and the French side of the island during a port stop on the Oasis of the Sea.
  • Spend a night in a yurt – Well, it was actually a teepee, but that was close enough to count. It was great fun, too.
  • Eat barbecue in Kansas City – I had a layover in KC and asked friends for advice on where to have barbecue. Lots of great suggestion came in, so I’ll have lots more place to try on a future visit.

Now it’s time to update and at a few new things. The hardest part is not to self edit, not to add or eliminate things because they should be on the list (or shouldn’t be on it). It’s okay to change things, and I do, but you’ll notice there are some obvious things that I haven’t gotten to yet, as well as some pretty crazy things as well.

Here goes with the MJ 100 Travel Bucket List:


  1. Malta
  2. Iceland
  3. Cuba
  4. Safari in Africa
  5. Visit the White House
  6. Turkey
  7. Visit a lighthouse in Maine (and eat lobster, too)
  8. Montgomery, Alabama
  9. Go to a Red Sox game in Boston
  10. Visit the great pyramids in Egypt
  11. Transatlantic crossing by ship, sailing into New York Harbor
  12. London  August 2018
  13. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  14. Wine tasting in the Finger Lakes
  15. Molokai
  16. Trace some roots in Madrid
  17. Nashville, TennesseeApril 2018
  18. Enjoy a weekend on Cape Cod
  19. Tunisia
  20. Barging in France
  21. Wear a fabulous hat at the Kentucky Derby
  22. See the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba
  23. Press olives in Italy
  24. Spend a weekend on the Jersey shore
  25. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  26. Sunbathing on Daytona Beach
  27. Ride a camel
  28. Spend a weekend on a dude ranch
  29. Providence, Rhode IslandMay 2016, read more about it here
  30. Gibraltar
  31. Stay in a room on stilts over the water somewhere in French Polynesia
  32. Montreal
  33. Enjoy chili in New Mexico
  34. Driving trip in Wales
  35. Learn to cook Cajun/Creole food in Louisiana
  36. Swim in the Dead Sea
  37. Sleep in an Ice Hotel
  38. Morocco
  39. Catalina Island
  40. Spend a week at the Golden Door spa
  41. Eat at Rao’s in Harlem
  42. Sardinia, Italy
  43. Ride in a blimp
  44. Paddleboat cruise
  45. Have a steak in Argentina
  46. Barbados
  47. Vacation on a houseboat
  48. Sail in the British Virgin Islands
  49. Gettysburg
  50. Have a signature scent formulated in Paris
  51. Experience the First Class treatment on Emirates
  52. Take a train ride across the United States
  53. Yellowstone and Old Faithful
  54. Take a cooking class in Italy
  55. Charleston, South Carolinaseveral times in 2018
  56. Mexico City
  57. Round the world cruise
  58. Lay down a bet in Monte Carlo
  59. Whale watching in Hawaii
  60. Stay in a castle
  61. Visit Graceland
  62. Visit a real life ghost town
  63. Great Barrier Reef
  64. Sedona
  65. Go to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  66. Stay in a penthouse suite in NYC
  67. Have an audience with the Pope in Vatican City
  68. Learn to throw a boomerang Down Under
  69. Bali
  70. Take a road trip to the Florida Keys
  71. Open a Swiss bank account
  72. Niagara Falls (from the U.S. side)
  73. Watch tennis at Wimbledon
  74. Visit Pennsylvania’s Amish Country
  75. Take an RV trip
  76. Laugh it up at Second City in Chicago
  77. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  78. See the Northern Lights in Lapland
  79. Enjoy tea culture on a tea trail
  80. Toast the New Year in Paris
  81. Take a ghost tour in Savannah
  82. See the snow monkeys in Nagano
  83. Wine tasting in South Africa
  84. Luxury train trip
  85. Eat street food in Vietnam
  86. Visit a European Christmas Market
  87. Russia, by land or by seaJuly 2016 on a Viking Ocean Cruise, learn more here
  88. Visit all 50 states (current count 36) – added two more to the list, Tennessee and Oklahoma
  89. Antarctica
  90. Drink wine in Chile
  91. Explore history in PolandI visited Malbork Castle as part of my Viking Ocean cruise, July 2016
  92. Prague
  93. View wildlife on Borneo
  94. See the glitz of MacauDecember 2016
  95. Discover the food of Taiwan
  96. Step back in time at the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island
  97. Stay in a treehouse
  98. Hungary – both Buda and Pest
  99. Visit the Space Port in New Mexico
  100. Slurp up champagne in Champagne