Today is Admission Day for Utah, admitted as our 45th state on January 4th, 1896.

Utah is one of the Four Corner states (the others are Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona), the only place in the Unites States where four states come together at one point.  Utah is ranked 13th in geographical area, and 34th in population.  The largest city is the capital city of Salt Lake City.

Utah has a large tourism industry, given a boost when it was host to the 2002 Winter Olympics.  The state is known for its many ski resorts, national parks (Zion and Bryce Canyon, for example), the Great Salt Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats (in photo), the Sundance Film Festival and the Mormon Temple.

I’ve only been to Utah once, and that was to visit Salt Lake City in 1987.  It was a short visit, and I really don’t remember much about the area at all ““ a hotel, some building, the airport, and that’s about it.  However, it may be time for a return trip ““ I’ve had my eye on a couple of spa destinations there.

Have you been to Utah?  What is your favorite city or area to visit?

Photo credit:  flickr