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London Theater Perfect for Romance, Comedy, & Families

The Thrill Of The West End (London,England)

You’ve seen Phantom of the Opera, and maybe even the sequel, Love Never Dies, so what’s next for your theatre break in London? London’s West End is home to a number of theaters offering everything from the decadent larger musicals and big stars (Wicked, Jersey Boys, and The Lion King) to smaller venues offering the […]

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London Bridge in London & Lake Havasu

Do you remember singing this as a child: London Bridge is falling down, Falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down, My fair lady.   I sure do.  But when I sang it, I had no idea what London Bridge was really all about or where it was – other than London, I mean.. […]

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Travel Package Includes Back Stage Tour for Phantom of the Opera Sequel

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s long awaited sequel to The Phantom of The Opera has theater lovers queuing up to see Love Never Dies, which picks up the tale of love and loss 10 years after Raoul rescues Christine Daae in the original Phantom. Here’s a brief synopsis of what’s to come: Ten years after the mysterious […]

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Historical London: Visit 4 UNESCO Sites

Thinking about vacationing in London can evoke a frenzy of thoughts about this major continental city that is the UK’s financial center, seat of politics, and hub for fashion, entertainment, and the arts.  It’s now getting some additional buzz as the city prepares for hosting the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. But don’t forget that London […]

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10 Reasons to Choose Edinburgh for Your Next Vacation

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is the second largest city in the country, making it a popular vacation spot for travelers from the U.K. and around the world.  In fact, it’s the second most visited city in the UK for international travelers (no surprise that London is first). From the United States you can […]

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United Kingdom is More than England

Westminster Abbey in London

The couple sitting at the table next to me were engaged in a lively conversation and I couldn’t help but notice their delightful British accent.  As travelers often do, we struck up a conversation, asking one another where we were from and how we were enjoying our travels. The couple indicated that they were from […]

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What are the Must-See Things in London?

With a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of planning ahead of me, I’ll be jetting off to London in a couple of weeks.  It is, ostensibly, a holiday although since World Travel Market is occurring during the time I’m there, I’ll be putting in an appearance there for a few days.  Still, […]

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lotus at Kenilworth Gardens, DC

I’m working on the May newsletter (it comes out on the first Sunday of the month) – have you subscribed? […]

Books to Read on Your Next Flight

In honor of World Book Day, I’m updating my progress in the 2017 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge – and in […]

A Dozen Gardens From Around the World

Since the flowers in my garden are not terribly impressive yet - things will be in full color in another few weeks - I turned to some of my blogger friends to get a take on some of their favorite gardens around the world. I selected a dozen of them, one for each month of the year, and hope you can work a visit into one of them during your next vacation.

The days are getting longer, and with flowers blooming in the yard along with a few peeks of the sun […]

Celebrate World Wildlife Day

Today, March 3rd, is UN World Wildlife Day. The UN General Assembly made this proclamation four years ago as a […]