Looking back seems to be the thing to do this time of year.  So I scrolled back through my archives to look at the resolutions that I made for 2007. 

I’m please to report that I did pretty well, accomplishing all three of my objective goals:

  • I finally made it to Europe.:  Paris (cityscape in photo above).
  • I went to three US cities that I had not been to before:  Philadelphia, Madison, and Kauai (in photo below, and yes I know it is an island, not a city, but it counts).
  • I went to two state that I had not been to before:  Delaware and Wisconsin.

So I’m batting 1000 on my travel resolutions!

The end of the year is also a good time to take a look back on the posts that were the most popular over the year. 

This was pretty hard for me to assess, because my readership quadrupled over the course of year — and thank you all very much for that!  So, I had to do a little weighting of readership, and make a few judgment calls, in determining what have been the most popular posts for 2007.

Continue reading for the most popular posts. . . .


In the order in which they appeared during the year, here are the most popular 10 posts for 2007 here at Flyaway Cafe:

  1. Salem Witch Trials
  2. Airport Hotel & Parking Options
  3. Washington DC:  DC Fish Market
  4. Halloween in Mexico: Dia de la Muerta (Day of the Dead)
  5. Titanic Artifact Exhibit Will Arrive in Atlanta
  6. See Tut, the Boy-King, in Philadelphia
  7. Green Architecture Before its Time: Frank Lloyd Wright & Taliesin West
  8. The Paris Series:  Preparation
  9. Back to Basics: Boarding the Plane & Stowing Your Bags
  10. What to do When You Can’t Find a Hotel in Paris 

The first five posts on the list were from 2006, but had longevity into this year. The remaining five posts were published in 2007.

There were some real surprises on the list for me.  Posts that you loved that surprised me, and posts that I loved but didn’t resonate with you.  It all gives me lots to think about as I map out my resolutions for 2008.  Check back for those after the first of the year.

Photo credit:  personal collection


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