The morning of checking out of your hotel can be a hectic time, getting dressed and ready to leave and making sure all of your things are packed.  If you’re traveling with kids the list of things that you are responsible for is even longer!

Some of the stuff cannot be done till the last minute, but one thing that can take a weight off if to review your hotel bill the night before your departure. 

Many hotels have a video check out option, allowing you to review your charges on the television.  In the privacy of your room you can go line by line through the charges to make sure that there are no surprises. 

If your hotel doesn’t offer a video option, stop by the front desk the evening before and request a print out.  They’ll be happy to provide you with one, and you can then take time to review it.

Disputing any charges THE NIGHT BEFORE DEPARTURE is key!  If you find anything unexpected, you have time to speak to the front desk to get an adjustment.  If you find a charge that you don’t understand, ask questions.

If you wait till morning, all too many things can cause your time to be rushed, from oversleeping, to a long line at the front desk, to having a dispute that needs to be research.  Save yourself time, stress, and maybe even a little money by taking care of reviewing your bill the night before.

Photo credit: flickr