How many times have you called up an airline (or hotel, tour operator, car rental company, or any other company that you want to do business with), and found yourself talking with someone who is rude, unintelligible to you, unwilling to assist you, or is downright hostile?

If you’ve spent any time on the phone at all, this has probably happened to you many over.  I know that I have spent countless hours trying to understand an accent or explaining myself to someone who wasn’t listening to me and merely reading a prepared “script.”  It frustrates me when I have to repeatedly ask someone to slow down so that I can understand what they are saying.  And turn down the background noise so that I can hear you!

How to resolve these telephone aggravations?  Hang up and start again!  Chances are you will get a different person answering the phone on your next attempt.

If you’re dealing with a small company, this may not work, but most of the major travel companies route their incoming calls through a large call center.  It’s unlikely that you’ll get the same person answering the phone on a second (or third, or fourth) call.